Retirement Income Solutions
Cash Balance Retirement Plans (CBRP)

For advisers and their clients who are exploring avenues to increase their retirement savings while minimizing their current tax liability, the Innovation Partners Consulting Cash Balance Retirement Plan (CBRP) is a unique solution. The CBRP features a number of benefits for clients, including:

  • Potential for increased business tax deductions up to $200,000.00 annually
  • Flexibility to weigh benefits in favor of owner(s) and/or key employees
  • Significantly larger accumulation opportunity than a 401(k) plan up to $200,000.00
  • Potential creditor protection of assets in the event of a lawsuit
  • Ability to roll assets into an IRA or another qualified plan, upon retirement or termination
Pension Plan Buyout Strategies

For pension plans evaluating methods to exit their defined benefit plans, Innovation Partners, LLC has a unique solution that can absorb the liability from the pension plan and provide a lifetime guaranteed retirement income to the plan participants.

Other Retirement Income Solutions

Our firm offers and prices a wide array of retirement income solutions such as 401k plans, IRAs, SEP IRAs, and ROTH IRAs that can be customized to the adviser's clients.